RiverCross mission

Our church's RiverCross Mission Campus, located at 211 Main Street, serves as the hub for our Community Outreach work. A lot goes on here! As together we discover what it means to belong to Christ and know his love. 

On Sunday afternoons, we hold our "Prime Time" Bible Study for any adults who are interested in learning more about God and growing their faith. The study begins at 4 PM and is followed by a hot supper together. Bus transportation is provided.     

A drop-in program runs each Tuesday and Friday, 9 AM to 1 PM. People come here to experience community together through prayer and worship, coffee and friendship, the meeting of basic needs, and fellowship around a hot meal. Bus transportation is provided.

The North End Food Bank, now located at RiverCross Mission, partners with us on Tuesday mornings, creating a friendly, one-stop experience for anyone who shows up. Folks can come and enjoy coffee, fellowship, and a meal, while waiting to have their monthly Food Bank order filled. It's  just a simple but great way to dignify people with Christ's love.   

Each Wednesday morning, 9:30 to 11:30 AM, we run a program that focuses exclusively on Moms with young children. The program includes "personal time" for the Moms, so that they can pursue interests and enjoy each other's company, while their children are being looked after. A morning out for Moms! Bus transportation is provided.

One Wednesday morning per month, our fully-equipped, industrial-size kitchen hosts a Nutrition Kitchen event, where several adults gather to learn new recipes by preparing, cooking, and enjoying a meal together.  

One Friday afternoon per month, we serve as the distribution point for the Food Purchasing Club. The Club enables people to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables at wholesale prices. A great and healthy way to stretch your dollars on a limited income!  

RiverCross's Community Outreach work is also invested in bringing broader community renewal in Saint John's North End and Crescent Valley through a wide range of partnership projects. 

Our primary partner in all this is the ONE Change. This is a local coalition of residents and professionals, that has been working together for over a decade now. Through its efforts, there have been improvements in housing, access to health services, and education and training.    



In the news

RiverCross Church is pleased to have had the opportunity to share our learning with others, as we wrestle with how to be a blessing to our city. 

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