RiverCross Team

The staff and leadership here at RiverCross Church is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them. You can contact the church office here.

Staff & Leadership

  • Amy Baxter

    Children's Program Director

    Amy is our Children's program director. She gives leadership to our Sunday morning programming for K-5. She loves painting, baking and being crafty. And she loves spending time with the children, teaching them and sharing how much God loves them. You can call her at the church or email her.

  • Jan Cameron

    Hospitality Coordinator

    Jan is our Hospitality Coordinator. She would love to welcome you with a cup of hot coffee, a warm smile and a Welcome gift if you are New to RiverCross. Jan is married to John and they have 3 kids and 8 grandchildren. She loves to cook, read, spend time with friends and travel. You will find her in the foyer at all our services and she would love a chance to chat with you or you can send her an email or give her a call.

  • Hannah Chase

    Interim Administrative Assistant

    Hannah will be with us for one year as the Interim Administrative Assistant. She began as our Community Outreach Intern over the summer and stayed to fill this role. Hannah graduated from Crandall University with a BA in Sociology in 2023 and is currently finishing a BTh at Acadia Divinity College. Call or email her at the office anytime!

  • Sandi Killeen

    Youth & Family Pastor

    Sandi is our Youth & Family Pastor. She gives leadership to our ministry to children, youth, and families. Sandi is married to Ryan. She enjoys painting, baking, collecting houseplants, and drinking coffee. She would love to connect with you by email, or over the phone.

  • John Knight

    Community Outreach Pastor

    John Knight is our Community Outreach Pastor at RiverCross. He gives leadership to our church's work in Saint John's North End and Crescent Valley, low income neighbourhoods facing many challenges. John is married to Karen and they have two young adult sons. He enjoys reading and music, travel and the great outdoors, and restaurants that serve exotic food. You can call him at 642-8060 or email him.

  • Marlee Learmonth

    Administrative Assistant (on Maternity Leave)

    Marlee Learmonth is our Administrative Assistant. She looks after the church office needs. Marlee is married to Aj and they have a sweet little kitten named Simba. Marlee loves reading, knitting, and playing sports such as ice hockey and ball hockey. She is a graduate from NBCC's Office Administration program.

  • Rob Nylen

    Senior Pastor

    Rob Nylen is our Senior Pastor at RiverCross. He is the main teacher and gives leadership as the church carries out its vision. Rob is married to Jill and has four kids. He enjoys music, hockey, and traveling. You can follow Pastor Rob on Twitter or LinkedIn or email him

  • Joe Page

    Worship Pastor

    Joe Page is our Worship Pastor. He is responsible for programming and gives leadership to the worship teams and choir. Joe is married to Kathy and they have four kids. He enjoys hiking, working out at the gym, gardening and woodworking. Feel free to email Joe.

  • Rob Parent


    Rob Parent is our custodian at RiverCross. He is an avid Saint John Seadogs fan and season ticket holder.

  • Blair Thompson


    Blair is a former educator and administrator. He likes travelling and volunteering.

  • James Yang

    Chinese Outreach Pastor

    James is our Chinese Outreach Pastor. He provides spiritual leadership to our Chinese speaking community in four main components: Outreach, Discipleship training, Visitation/Counseling and Congregational Integration. James is married to Frances and they have two daughters. He enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, and sports. You can contact him anytime by calling 642-8060 or email him.