our vision

We believe that where God is active, He is bringing His Life to people.  It is our passion as a congregation to devote ourselves to serve the people of our city, to be a blessing, and to overflow like a river, which brings life to all it makes contact with.  We recognize this life is found only in Christ.  


Our vision is expressed in our 3C’s: Celebrating, Connecting, and Contributing.  

Celebrating: providing life-giving worship services each Sunday. 

Connecting: providing everyone a place to be connected so they can learn God’s will in a caring community.


Contributing: calling everyone to use the gifts, abilities, and resources they have so that we might see the work move forward.  

As we carry out these ministries together, we believe God will use them to bless our city. 

our values

Worshipping Community

We value orienting our lives around God.  It’s not about us; God must be at the centre of all we do as individuals and also as a community.  

Missional Community (Evangelism)

We want all our members to become missionaries.  We understand that Jesus sent us out, and so we discover our mission field where we live, work, and play.   

Transformed Community (Discipleship)

Discipleship is not about information; it’s about transformation.  This way is holistic: it involves transformed living, equipping people to serve, developing leaders, and equipping families to disciple their own children.  

Compassionate Community

We value expressing compassion to others.  We strive to accomplish this in the way we visit the sick and shut ins; care for those who have been divorced, bereaved, struggle with addictions or illness; or extend hospitality to those who visit our church.

Kingdom Community

We value being a church that does not journey alone.  Therefore we are in strategic partnerships with other ministries. 

Beautiful Community

We value the diversity of the people who make up RiverCross Church.  Therefore, we work hard to integrate across cultures, generations, and social and economic backgrounds.