FAQ's about our camps

Our aim is still to provide kids and families with meaningful experiences to learn about Jesus.  We do not plan on large physical gatherings this summer.  Still, we want to make great programs available to as many families as possible.  We're excited to be able to launch these two camps!  Here are some details you might be wondering:

When are the camps?

Camp 1, Rocky Railway, will be July 27-31 (registration due June 29)

Camp 2, Focus, will be August 24-28 (registration due July 27)

How will an online version of camp actually work?

Our camps will centre on two main pieces:  1) a take-home kit that will be customized and prepared for you to pick up from RiverCross Church, and 2) online videos that incorporate the contents of these kits.  Inside these kits will be schedules, teaching tools, activity suggestions, and even a few surprises to help guide children through the material.   This material will be explained by videos that will be prepared in advance for your kids to watch and enjoy online.  Follow along with these videos for great and fun ways to connect and learn about God's love.   Kit pick-up instructions and information about how to access the videos will be clearly provided for you a few weeks before the camps begin.

What kind of involvement will be required of guardians?

Each day of the camp will come with a variety of activities that may require a small amount of preparation.  Snack ingredients and a few small required supplies will be sent home by email in advance of kit pick-up to clearly explain what preparation might be required.  Schedules for each day with suggested itineraries will be provided but can be customized based on your family's needs.  Each day of the camp, you can expect about 2.5 hours of content and activities.  Within that time each day, there will be approximately 2 hours of fun activities to do with minimal supervision, 25 minutes of videos to watch (presented in an easy, kid-friendly way to watch), and a 15 minute family time to share what was learned.

What age group is this for?

The target audience for this content is ages 5 to Grade 5.  We do not recommend these camps for ages younger than 5 due to the small parts and supplies in the kits.

Can I invite my friends?

Of course!  Some families are inviting friends by encouraging them to register and enjoy on their own.  Other families have chosen to host small gatherings of close friends and be cautious to abide by all regulations and standards as recommended by our government.

Why not gather in person if restrictions allow?

Due to the ongoing developments of our response to Covid-19, it is impossible to predict what restrictions will be tightened or lifted at the time of our camps. To develop a program that we're confident will be able to run regardless of circumstances, we intend to continue our plans for virtual gatherings.  As developments change, we will consider whether other camp opportunities would be safe, healthy, and viable.




Registration for Rocky Railway (July 27-31) is required by June 29

Registration for Focus (August 24-28) is required by July 27