Volunteer job descriptions

Hospitality is one of the most  important ministries in the church. We are the first ones to meet and make an impression on the people who come through our doors. God has given us a tremendous privilege and honour each week to be a witness for him, as we Greet, Welcome, Usher, serve Coffee, and give a gift to those who are New. 

Please take a moment to read through the job descriptions below, and then contact Jan Cameron to ask how you can  join our team,  have some fun, and meet lots of new people while doing it!

  • greeters

    These are the first people you see when you come through the doors. They need to be smiling, warm, and make people know that we are genuinely glad to welcome them into God’s house. They may be the first positive contact some people have had all week, and we want to make sure it is a good one.

  • welcome desk

    The Welcome Desk is usually manned by teams, but this is not mandatory. This job requires you to be aware of what classes/programs are currently being offered by RiverCross, and when they are happening. This information will be made available to you. It is also helpful to have a knowledge of the layout of the church, i.e. where the RiverTots and RiverKids spaces are. There will be an orientation, and you will be given the opportunity to shadow someone in this role for a week or two. 

  • ushers

    Our ushers help people find their seas, add one more layer of warmth and caring to Sunday mornings. They make sure that those who want to be able remain physically distanced from others are aware of our physical distancing section, and make sure that things flow smoothly in the foyer before, during, and after the service. 

  • Coffee

    Our coffee Volunteers have to be focused and fairly organized. We have a community that loves their coffee and so we go through a lot of it. This is a busy spot on Sunday mornings but a satisfying job as you are making many many people happy.

  • I'm New desk

    The I’m New desk is the spot where we welcome all the newcomers to our church and give them a gift. You need to be a person who is sincere, caring, and likes to talk to people. You need to get some information about the people so we can send them a follow up note and try to stay in touch with them.