Leadership team overview

Our Leadership Team for the youth ministries of RiverCross is made up of a partnership of youth and adults from our church family.

The Stream, our high school youth group, meets on Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:30. 

The Brook, our middle school youth group, meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-8:00.

On the last Sunday of every month, The Stream and The Brook will meet together at 7:00pm for The Well: A youth-led worship night (More info here). During the week of The Well, we will not have a regular meeting of The Stream or The Brook.

Also on the last Sunday of the month, the Leadership Team will meet together before The Well to plan out the next month of youth ministry. We will be do this by forming different teams, each made up of at least 1 adult high school leader, at least 1 adult middle school leader, and 2-3 each of high school and middle school students who will work together to form a plan for their area of ministry, and then take turns implementing the plan on youth nights,

These teams are:

Games Team
Devo Team

Welcome Team

Celebration Team

Snack Team

Mission Team

Media Team

Worship Team

The time commitment for our Leadership Team Volunteers, then, will be weekly youth group (either The Stream or The Well: about 2 1/2 hours), the monthly planning meeting and The Well (about 3 - 3 1/2 hours total), and special events as their schedule allows.

Our hope is that our adult leaders will also be willing to join in small group discussion times during The Stream and The Well, however there is room on our team for some greeters who are able to arrive a bit early on youth nights, but who might not be able to commit to staying for the whole event. 

We will also be looking for people who are interested in leading a Sunday Morning Bible Study option for The Stream and The Brook during the first service. Please contact Pastor Sandi if you would like to partner with our youth in this way!

team descriptions

Here you will find more information about what each "team" will be responsible for in RiverYouth. Please note that, even though we will plan The Stream and The Well together, high school volunteers and students are only expected to be present at high school youth nights, and middle school volunteers and students are only expected to be present at middle school youth nights.

  • games Team

    The Games Team will plan games and activities for youth nights, and will provide a list of required supplies and set up to Pastor Sandi. Each member of the games team will take turns leading the game time on youth nights.

  • Devo Team

    The Devo Team will work with Pastor Sandi to prepare/organize the curriculum for RiverYouth, plan the large group lessons, prepare and distribute small group materials, and take turns leading the large group devotion time. 

  • Welcome team

    The Welcome Team will be responsible for checking students in and out on youth nights, keeping track of attendance, and making the first 20 minutes of youth group feel homey and inviting. They will provide a list of necessary supplies (i.e. hot chocolate/tea/comfy seating/independent game stations) to Pastor Sandi, and will take turns arriving early to youth nights to help set up.

  • celebration team

    The Celebration Team will keep track of birthdays and other important milestones and plans youth group celebrations. They will also plan and prepares graduation gifts, and will give leadership to the way that we celebrate holidays and special events together throughout the year.

  • snack team

    The Snack Team will plan everyone's favourite part of youth group: snack time! They w

    ill plan a menu, including supply lists and preparation requirements, and take turns preparing and passing out snack on youth nights and/or coordinating volunteers from our church family.

  • mission team

    The Mission Team will plan 4 local service projects each year (1 per season) to serve our city. They will recruit and coordinate volunteers from our church, and coordinate plans with local service organizations. During years when larger mission trips are possible, this team will also assist in the planning of those.

  • media team

    This team will give leadership to our social media presence, promoting events, and finding creative ways to keep our online presence relevant, engaging, and welcoming. This team will also work with the Worship Team to help plan The Well.

  • worship team

    This team will work to organize and implement The Well--our monthly youth-led worship night. They will recruit volunteers and/or be trained to run light, sound, and projection, will recruit musicians and plan set lists, and will work with the Devo Team to prepare a brief devotion.