Sunday morning worship

There is so much happening behind the scenes during our Sunday morning worship experiences, and we would love to have you join our team! Below you can read a brief description of each potential ministry area, including time commitments and some of the skills that will be helpful to you. If you are interested in joining any of these teams, or in being trained in any of the skills listed below, reach out to Pastor Joe for more information!

  • youtube chat monitors

    These volunteers monitor the chat on the Youtube channel during the live worship services. They encourage conversation and help people to participate in the worship experience by providing Scriptures and links to appropriate sites. The commitment is about one service per month. Each monitor should begin about 30 minutes before the service and end as most people sign off.

  • sound operators

    These volunteers run sound for our worship experiences.  An ear for balance, quick problem solving skills, technical experience and knowledge of layering (the new SQ-7 soundboard is digital) are helpful, as well as some musical knowledge, and an ability to anticipate what is coming next. The time commitment is about 4 hours on Sunday morning once a month, and possibly some Wednesday evening rehearsal times.

  • livestream sound operators

    These volunteers balance the sound for our Livestream.  The operator will be located in another room in the church building with a monitor, speakers, and ipad.  This volunteer will need many of the same attributes as the Sound Operator.  The time commitment is approximately 90 minutes on a Sunday morning, once a month.

  • camera and livestream operators

    Do you have an artistic eye? We'd love to have you operating cameras for our in-person and livestreamed service! These volunteers work together with our sound, light, and projection team to make Sunday mornings happen. Technical skills and a desire to progress in this area will serve you well! The time commitment varies from 90 minutes to three hours per week, one to two times a month.

  • lighting operators

    These volunteers operate lights for our worship experiences, working with the rest of the tech team to create a cohesive experience.  A good knowledge of colours and blends and sensitive transitions will help you in this. Programming knowledge is a plus, but not necessary.  The time commitment for these volunteers varies from 90 minutes to 3 hours on a Sunday, approximately once a month.

  • projection

    We are looking for some individuals to join our computer projection team! This role will require some concentration, some familiarity with the flow of the service, and some good problem solving skills. Programming skills are helpful, but not necessary for all operators. The time commitment is 90 minutes on Wednesday evenings, and 3-4 hours on Sunday mornings once a month.