The ministries of RiverCross Church, are supported solely by the generous donations of individuals like you. Giving is a privilege. We believe it's the greatest investment we can make because it reaps an eternal dividend. God has blessed us with all that we have and throughout scripture, we are reminded of the importance of giving back a portion of what God has so generously provided. Please find below information about the various ways you can give to RiverCross.

Here are your 4 options:

1. NEW: e-transfers. You can now e-transfer funds. Here’s the info you need to set it up:

    Name: RiverCross Church


    Password: Rivercross211 (It’s important that we all use the same password)

2. Preauthorized giving (PAG): you can have funds withdrawn directly from your account at a time     that works best for you. Go here to download the necessary paperwork, and then email it to the     office. Maybe your income has changed, and you are currently using PAG and you may need to       make some changes in the future, please use this same form.

3. You can also give online by clicking the button below. (FYI: When you give using this third-party     site, there is a cost to the church)

4. Finally, you can mail your offering envelopes to the church, 61 Forbes Drive, Saint John, NB

    E2K 0H7.

Here is a personal story of someone journey to generosity

Check out this video, made by one of our students, that shows some of the ways your giving makes a difference: