KINect: a NEW mid-week program for the whole family


Closing闭会INFO & FAQ’s



Why are we doing this?



This idea started to take shape after hearing from parents that they were looking for connection points with their kids to help grow in faith together as a whole family.   This program will be designed to:

  • Connect families who have children in the K-5 grade group with other families of the same stage
  • Inspire families with ideas & ways to live out faith at home
  • Encourage & Support families through life circumstances
  • Disciple families to pass on positive things they are learning



• 把幼儿园至5年级儿童的家庭和同龄层的家庭联系起来

• 以可以在家中实现信仰的理念与方法来激励家庭

• 通过所生活的环境来鼓励和支持家庭

• 成为门徒家庭用以传递他们正在学习的积极事物

What are the dates and times of this event?



We are launching this trial program as a 12 week event on Thursday evenings, starting January 9 and finishing April 2 (no KINect during the week of March break).  Each night will run from 6pm-7pm.  


What will a typical Thursday night look like?


6:00                Welcome 欢迎

6:05 – 6:15    Ice-Breaker Games 破冰游戏

6:15 – 6:30    Creative Presentation 创意表演

6:30 – 6:40    Family Questions / Discussion Time 家庭提问/讨论时间

6:40 – 6:45    Short video about the topic we’re discussing 关于我们讨论的主题之短视频

6:50 – 7:00    Closing 闭会


I have kids younger or older than grades K-5.  Can we still come?



YES!  We would love to have you!  Please know, however, that the topics covered are aimed at the K-5 age group.  We will have PreSchool and Nursery space available for families who need it.  Teens are encouraged to join their families as participants and influencers in the lives of their younger siblings, and/or there will be break-out options for teens who wish to have a leadership role in planning for these events.




Do I have to attend RiverKids on Sunday to be welcome to KINect?



No.  The themes discussed at KINect will align with the themes at RiverKids, but they do not depend on each other and will not duplicate content.  There may be a memory verse or a consistent theme or bible story from time to time, but the content of the two programs do not rely on each other.  The two programs are different in purpose, and format, but similar in themes.



Can children be dropped off for this program?



No.  The intent of this program is to incorporate families in a faith growing environment together.  Parents (or other guardians) are required to attend.



What will parents enjoy about this program?


Parents will enjoy exploring through important faith lessons together as a family by having a common setting and common foundation to share with your children. 


We’re also excited about this opportunity:  once a month at KINect, our gatherings will take on a different structure to allow parents to have their own time for conversation.   These parent forum nights will begin with a potluck supper for the whole family, and after the meal parents will gather to discuss:

  • Ideas about the content from previous weeks of the program
  • Questions / concerns that have come up in life situations
  • Solutions / support for one another from the above areas. 


Children will have supervised game and activity time while this once a month forum is happening.







How do I sign up?


You can pre-register by signing up at the Welcome Center at RiverCross Church, or you can pre-register now by clicking here.

您可以通过在RiverCross Church的欢迎中心进行预先注册,也可以通过点击此处的连结进行预先注册:


How can I help?


Ideally, we would like to have KINect be a place for you to come and enjoy, and participate as a family.  We’re asking for people who do not have children in this age category to be our primary leaders behind the scenes.   Families can help by:

  •          Inviting and welcoming other families to attend
  •          Continuing to lead your family in their faith journeys through the week
  •          Contributing to our monthly potluck / parent forum nights
  •          Attending as regularly as possible to help us with this trial project
  •          Helping us recruit potential leaders who might want to help make this event a success.   If you know of anyone who might be interested in leading, please contact Amy Baxter, RiverKids director at


• 邀请和欢迎其他的家庭来参加

• 一周之内继续带领家人来进行信仰之旅

• 为我们每个月的百家菜聚餐/父母论坛之夜提供贡献

• 尽可能经常参加此项活动,以帮助我们完成这个试验项目

• 帮助我们招募潜在的领导者,这些人可能希望帮助我们使此项活动获取成功。 如果您知道谁对领导感兴趣的人,请通过amylbax@gmail.com与Amy Baxter(RiverKids主管)取得联系。

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