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Reopening for Sunday Worship

Frequently Asked Questions

A Word from Pastor Rob

We are really excited to start welcoming people back to Sunday services, in person.  We have missed each other.   When we start getting together, let’s remember to be patient and gracious.  We have all seen that everyone’s comfort level with these protocols varies. We need to allow people to do what they need in order to be comfortable.  Also, everyone will have a different comfort level being back around people.  For some, this will be one of the largest groups of people they will have been around in many months.   So, let’s give each other the gift of safe gatherings all the while, appreciating that everyone will be arriving with different levels of comfort.  Thank you! 


How do I register for a service?

We are inviting those without internet, who are primarily our seniors, who have not seen a service since March, to call in by Wednesday at 3pm to let us know they are attending.  Everyone else will register online, from our church website, starting Thursday mornings at 9am for that Sunday only.  It will be first come, first served and you will register all members coming with you, including children and their ages.   Once all available spots are filled, online registration will close automatically.   The first time you register for a service, you will be asked to submit your cell phone number (or email) to create an account. 


Do I have to wear a mask?

Masks are required inside the building.  


Will there be kid’s ministry?

Yes. There will be one program for kids ages 3-12 and they will be following the Province of New Brunswick guidelines for day cares, staying in groups of 15. There is also nursery for children up to age 2 with a capacity for 6 children.  Middle school and High School youth will join the worship service.


Will we shake hands? 

We will be encouraging friendly waves, but no handshaking.


How will we take up the offering?

We will have baskets at the back, where you can place your offering in when you come.  

The debit machine will not be available, we’d encourage you to continue to use e-transfers. 


Why do I need to provide my name, phone number and travel information when I register?

The Province of New Brunswick requires us to gather this information for the purposes of contact tracing.   You will be asked to answer these questions when you register for the Sunday service.    


What will the services be like?

We are going to do our best to create a “normal” Sunday.  There will be aspects of the service that are pre-recorded, and we will watch them, and others that are live.   The best part, will be worshipping together with our church family.


A few other reminders

  • We will ask you to use hand sanitizer as you enter.
  • You’ll notice we have lines on the floor indicating entrances and exits to rooms.  It will take a while for everyone to become comfortable, so we encourage you to be gracious and patient.
  • We are required to “check” you in, upon arrival.
  • Our bathrooms can only have one person at a time.  We will have a volunteer outside the washrooms to explain the system we have to help know when they are occupied.
  • Please bring your own coffee or tea as we will not be serving beverages at this time.
  • When the service is over, we will be dismissing people one section at a time.


What if I’m not ready to come back to “in person” services?

We totally understand, and you are not alone.  We will continue to broadcast our services on YouTube each Sunday, just as we have been.