Reopening for Sunday Worship

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Congregational Update – September 24, 2021

Over the last nineteen months, our church family has shown incredible flexibility, grace and resolve to stay focused on the mission Jesus has given to us.  You need to know how proud we are of the way, together, we have handled the many challenges we have faced.  Now that we are experiencing the 4th wave, it is time to be resolved, be gracious and show flexibility once again so we can ensure safety for each other and our community. 

On September 22nd, the province began a vaccine passport system in hopes of increasing the number of people who are fully vaccinated in our Province to 90%.  The initial instructions for how churches were to apply a vaccine passport lacked clarity, which is why we have not said anything until now.  Last night, we got follow up information for churches, where we were presented two options:  

  •          restrict Sunday worship services to people who are fully vaccinated,
  •          or, ensure the following safety measures are in place: everyone wears masks for the whole service, people register for services for contact tracing purposes and keep track of who sits by who, limit capacity for each service, ask people who are not feeling well not to attend, and no singing. 

We have decided to go with the second option.

So, what will Sunday Worship look like?

  •          We will have two morning services, 9:30am and 11am (livestream also at 11am). 
  •          Each service will have limits so please register if you are planning on attending:
  •          When you arrive you will need to sanitize. You will not be asked to show proof of vaccination
  •          We will ask you to physical distance in the foyer and to allow for 6 feet (2M) from the people in your row.  We will take a photo of each section of the worship centre to keep on file in case of an exposure, so they can see who was sitting proximate to the exposed individual
  •          For Nursery and Kids Ministry
  • o   All volunteers for nursery, preschool and kids’ ministry will be fully vaccinated.  
  • o   Sunday morning children’s programs will also follow the new guidelines for Sunday services.
  •          Mike Albert’s class will continue this Sunday at 11am on How to Read the Bible for all its Worth, again, following the new guidelines.
  •          Pastor Sandi’s Induction service will continue as planned.  Again, you will need to register and the same guidelines will be followed.  This will be a special evening!


This is what Sunday will look like.  We will provide a more detailed update likely on Sunday afternoon.  While these new guidelines may make it feel like we are going backwards, we are not.  We have done this before, when increased Covid cases have required new levels of safety.  This is an act of love and care towards each other and our community.  We have been called to be a blessing to our city, to be the gracious presence of Christ to our neighbours, co-workers, family and church family.  They need it!  So, let us lean into our mission, together!  See you Sunday, online or in person. 


Pastor Rob Nylen

Senior Pastor, RiverCross Church